Rule #1

Do NOT exploit bugs.

Bugs, if found, should be reported to the bot moderators by joining the support server and posting in the bug-reports channel. If found to be exploiting bugs, your account data will be reset.

Rule #2

Do not use alt or "puppet" accounts.

The use of secondary accounts operated by you to avoid cooldowns, hoard weapons to avoid loss upon death, organize attacks on a target, farm boxes or in any other way considered unfair to others will result in a warning or in later offenses punishment.

Rule #3

Do not leave servers you have just activated in to avoid the deactivate cooldown.

This is known as cooldown dodging, and is automatically reported to moderators on offense. If you received a warning for this just be aware that after activating in a server, you must wait a bit before being able to use the deactivate command.

Rule #4

No kill-farming - Killing someone then trading items back to the other person in order to gain kill count without consequences.

Rule #5

Do not report without reason.

The report command should only be used when you have evidence that someone is breaking these rules. Spamming the report command may result in a temporary or permanent ban.