Server-Side Economies

Last updated: May 06, 2021

What is a Server-Side Economy?

With server-side economies, you can keep all items, money, badges, and player stats isolated to a discord server. This means that players will only have access to these items when they are in your server. Server-side economies also give more control to the owners of the server. Moderators with the Manage Server permission will be able to give items to players or even wipe all data for the server.

With server-side economy mode enabled, we won't enforce most rules. Rules such as no alt usage or no handouts should be enforced at the server moderator's discretion.

Some Notes About Server-Side Economies

If you enable server-side economies, you'll notice some differences from the usual global economy:

  • Clans are disabled.
  • The black market is disabled.
  • Some notification settings are disabled such as black market notifications, attack notifications and clan raid notifications.
  • The convert command cannot be used.
  • The monthly level wipe does NOT affect server-side economies. We feel that server moderators should use the wipeserver command instead.

Enabling Server-Side Economy

If you have the Manage Server permission, you can toggle server-side economy using the toggleservereconomy command.

using the toggleservereconomy command

There is a 3 day cooldown before you can use the toggleservereconomy command again, this is because the command deactivates all players in a server and would be abused otherwise.

Moderation Commands

As a server moderator, you can use various commands to control the economy:

  • giveitem - Used to give items to players.
  • wipeserver - Used to wipe everyone in the server, good for when you want to hold contests (first person to get x item wins, first to get x kills wins, etc).

using the giveitem command

The giveitem command can be used to give any item except limited items.

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