Getting Started

Last updated: November 19, 2020

Opening Boxes

You can open boxes with t-use <box> <optional amount> or t-open <box> <optional amount>.

You can view all items in your inventory:

inventory command image

Your inventory shows how much money and health you have, as well as your currently equipped storage container and all items you own.

You can also view another player's inventory by specifying: t-inv blobfysh#4679. This will only work if they are in the same server.


You can attack other players with t-use <weapon> <@player>, you can also attack random players with t-use <weapon> random.

If you kill another player, you will receive minimum 2 items, + 1 item for every additional 5 items that player has. You will also receive 50 XP for each item stolen and 75% of that players money.

More on attacking other players here


You can heal by using a healing item on yourself: t-use bandage.

Using a healing item will give you a healing cooldown that will prevent you from using healing items again. This cooldown can vary for each healing item and you can check it with the item command:

bandage image

Getting More Boxes and Money

You can earn free boxes from the hourly, daily and vote commands. You can also play games such as trivia and scramble. You can also steal money and boxes from other players by killing them.

If you're a patron, you can use the weekly command for a supply_drop.

Viewing Your Stats

You can view your K/D ratio and other statistics on your profile:

profile command

You can view another player's profile by specifying: t-profile blobfysh#4679. This will only work if they are in the same server.

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