Last updated: May 19, 2021

What Are Clans?

Clans allow you to team up with up to 20 friends, store loot together, and raid other clans for their loot.

The main benefits to having a clan:

  • Clanmates can't attack each other.
  • You can store items and scrap in the clan, and they will be safe even if you die.
  • You can use explosives to raid other clans for their loot.
  • You get to have fun with friends :)

Creating a Clan

You can create a clan using 10,000 scrap. Use the t-clan create command to create a clan with your desired name:

creating a clan using clan create example

Storing Items and Scrap

With the t-clan deposit command, you can deposit scrap or items to your clan storage. You can view the items the clan is holding with t-clan storage and you can view the scrap your clan is holding with t-clan info.

To remove items/scrap from the clan, simply use the t-clan withdraw command.

t-clan deposit/withdraw can be used to deposit items or scrap. Ex. t-clan deposit 1000 will deposit 1,000 scrap and t-clan deposit rock 2 will deposit 2 rocks. t-clan withdraw works the same way.

You can deposit as much scrap as you can with t-clan deposit all.

Increasing the Amount of Items/Scrap Your Clan Can Store

The amount of items or scrap a clan can hold depends on the clans level. You can use the clan upgrade command to upgrade your clan to the next level:

Level 1: Twig

This is the level your clan will start with.

  • Storage can hold 3 items.
  • Scrap bank can hold 50,000 scrap.
  • Clan has 50 health.
  • Daily upkeep costs 1,000 scrap.

Level 2: Wood

Upgrade costs 50,000 scrap and 2x wood, upgrades the following:

  • Storage can hold 5 items.
  • Scrap bank can hold 150,000 scrap.
  • Clan health increased to 75.
  • Daily upkeep costs 5,000 scrap.

Level 3: Stone

Upgrade costs 150,000 scrap and 3x stone, upgrades the following:

  • Storage can hold 10 items.
  • Scrap bank can hold 300,000 scrap.
  • Clan health increased to 100.
  • Daily upkeep costs 10,000 scrap.

Level 4: Metal

Upgrade costs 300,000 scrap and 4x metal, upgrades the following:

  • Storage can hold 20 items.
  • Scrap bank can hold 1,000,000 scrap.
  • Clan health increased to 200.
  • Daily upkeep costs 20,000 scrap.

Level 5: High Quality Metal

Upgrade costs 1,000,000 scrap and 4x high_quality_metal, upgrades the following:

  • Storage can hold 40 items.
  • Scrap bank can hold 2,000,000 scrap.
  • Clan health increased to 300.
  • Daily upkeep costs 50,000 scrap.

If the daily upkeep is not paid, a random item will be lost from the clan storage. This will keep happening every day the upkeep isn't paid until there are no items left in the storage! To pay the upkeep, just deposit the required scrap to the scrap bank and it will automatically be removed each day.

Repairing The Clan

When someone uses an explosive on your clan, you may notice the health has dropped. Clans gain 5 health every 2 hours passively, but you might want to heal the clan faster than that. This is where the t-clan repair command comes in. Depending on your clans level, you can use materials to increase the clans health instantly.

  • Level 1 (Twig) costs 1 wood to repair 50 health.
  • Level 2 (Wood) costs 1 wood to repair 50 health.
  • Level 3 (Stone) costs 1 stone to repair 50 health.
  • Level 4 (Metal) costs 1 metal to repair 50 health.
  • Level 5 (High quality metal) costs 1 high_quality_metal to repair 100 health.

You can repair the clan multiple times with the clan repair command, just provide the amount of times you want to repair: t-clan repair 3 to repair 3 times.

Clan Ranks

Each member in your clan will have a rank, when you invite a new member to the clan, they will have the Recruit rank. You can promote members of the clan with the t-clan promote <user> command. The rank determines which commands they can use:

Rank Needed - None (these work without being in a clan)

  • t-clan help - Shows all clan commands.
  • t-clan create <clan name> - Creates a new clan at the cost of 10,000 scrap.
  • t-clan info <clan name> - Look up information about a clan such as members, scrap, and upkeep.
  • t-clan logs <clan name> - Look up a clans logs or view your own clan logs. Shows withdraws, deposits, raids, members joining/leaving.
  • t-clan storage <clan name> - Shows the items in a clans storage.

Rank Needed - Recruit

  • t-clan leave - Leave your current clan.

Recruits can't do much besides appear on the member list, this is so you don't accidentally invite someone to the clan who robs you!

Rank Needed - Trusted+

  • t-clan raid <clan name> - Raid another clan.
  • t-clan deposit <item/scrap> <amount> - Deposit items/scrap into your clan.
  • t-clan withdraw <item/scrap> <amount> - Withdraw items/scrap from your clan.

Be careful who you promote to trusted, they will be able to withdraw items/scrap from the clan and may rob you!

Rank Needed - Officer+

  • t-clan invite <@user> - Invite a user to your clan.
  • t-clan setstatus <status to set> - Change the status of your clan.

Rank Needed - Co-Leader+

  • t-clan promote <@user> - Promotes a member in your clan to a higher rank.
  • t-clan demote <@user> - Demotes a member in your clan to a lower rank.
  • t-clan upgrade - Used to upgrade the clan.
  • t-clan repair - Repair the clan using materials.

The promote, demote and kick commands can be used with the number from the clan member list. This is useful if you're trying to demote or kick a user who is in your clan but doesn't share a server with you.

Rank Needed - Leader+

  • t-clan kick <@user> - Kicks a member from the clan.

Raiding Another Clan

Using explosives such as c4, you can lower the health of another clan. When a clan's health reaches 0, they can be raided. To raid a clan that has 0 health, simply use t-clan raid <name of clan>. When you raid another clan, their base will degrade a level (unless they are already lowest level).

Make sure your clan has some open storage space and scrap bank space before you raid! When you raid a clan, you can steal as much items and scrap as your clan can hold. This means if a clan that had 40 open storage slots raided a clan that had 10 items, they would steal everything!

Heres an example of successful clan raid:

raiding another clan example

The items stolen from raids are picked at random.

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