Badges and Banners

Last updated: November 19, 2020

What Is a Banner?

A banner is a cosmetic item that you can display on your profile:

profile banner example

You can view all banners you own and your currently equipped banner on your profile:

banner inventory

How to Equip a New Banner

You can equip a banner using the equip command:

equipping a banner example

What Is a Badge?

A badge is similar to a banner, they are cosmetics that you will display next to your name on some commands such as t-clan info, t-leaderboard and t-active. Badges are like achievements, you have to earn them by completing different tasks.

You can view all the different badges with the badges command:

badge list

Equipping a Badge

Like banners, you can view what badges you own by checking your profile:

profile command badge inventory

You can equip a badge using the equip command. You'll notice the badge start to be displayed in some commands such as t-active:

equipping a badge example

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