Last updated: November 19, 2020

Attacking Other Players

You can attack other players by using a weapon on them. This is done with the use command, ex. t-use rock @blobfysh would attack blobfysh with a rock.

When you attack, you will receive an attack cooldown based on the weapon you used to attack, you can check how long the weapon's cooldown is with the item command, ex. t-item rock to see how long an attack cooldown would be when using a rock.

Note that guns have a chance of breaking, if they do break you will receive the items that weapon recycles into. You can see what a gun recycles into with the item command.

assault_rifle image

Random Attacks

You can attack random players by specifying random instead of a player mention. ex. t-use rock random will attack a random active player with a rock.

random attack example

If you manage the server, you can force all attacks to be random with the togglerandomattacks command, you can check all server settings available to you with the serversettings command.

serversettings command example


Weapons are categorized by their type, melee or ranged. Melee weapons don't use ammo but will always break when used while most ranged weapons require ammo and have a chance of breaking.

You can check what ammo a weapon uses with the item command:

item command ammo example

You can also see what ammo a weapon uses by checking its item page here on the website!

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